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Crystal Wand & Roots Ring

Crystal Wand & Roots Ring

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Intricate, finely-wrought, and both symbolically and energetically potent, this captivating handcrafted ring is a beautiful reminder that your roots run deep in the earth and you are grounded no matter what the day brings. Sterling silver roots wrap around an exceptional crystal wand in your choice of Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, or Smoky Quartz.

About Amethyst
Often called the “Stone of Protection,” this purple-hued powerhouse is a potent shield against negative energy, bad dreams, and guards against psychic attack. This tranquil crystal slows down racing thoughts, eases stress, and helps battle against addiction. Amethyst balances out emotional highs and lows and enhances your ability to make decisions.

About Citrine
This beautiful crystal enhances clarity of thought, creativity, and manifestation powers. Highly energizing, Citrine cleanses the chakras, attracts success, and boosts self-confidence. Citrine is an optimistic and generous crystal, known for enhancing abundance, joy, and positive opportunities.

About Rose Quartz
This "Stone of Love" is one of the most powerful of the crystal energies. It helps calm the mind and release anxiety, as well as move beyond past emotional trauma. Above all, Rose Quartz fosters the ability to share, receive, and radiate love for oneself and others.

About Smoky Quartz
If you’re looking for one of the most efficient grounding and cleansing crystals, look no further than Smoky Quartz. This powerful crystal anchors you to earth and acts as a shield against psychic attack, negativity, and environmental smog. Smoky Quartz has a mystical way of drawing the etherial into the physical realm and is a powerful ally when it comes to connection and protection within the spirit realm.
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