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Rocky Mountain Oils

Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend (15ml)

Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend (15ml)

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Whether it's a cold in the winter months or allergies all year round, having a stuffy nose not only makes it difficult to breathe but can also interfere with you living your daily life. With a strong, menthol-like aroma, our Deep Breathe Essential Oil Blend is an all-natural, congestion-fighting solution that can help open up your airways and help you breathe deeply once again.
Deep Breathe is a powerful combination of Ravintsara, Rosemary, Pine, and Lime essential oils. These oils work together to support your body's natural immune responses to help overcome illnesses that may be causing your congestion. Diffuse Deep Breathe to help keep the air around you clean of unwanted germs. For those times when your congestion is accompanied with a cough, diffuse Deep Breathe or apply topically to help soothe the throat and calm your cough.
In addition to promoting deeper breathing, Deep Breathe is great for relieving fatigue or achiness that may accompany your cold and congestion. Inhaling Deep Breathe's strong, crisp aroma can help re-energize your mind and uplift your mood. Apply Deep Breathe topically to help ease muscle soreness or general body aches.

Ravintsara, Rosemary, Pine, and Lime essential oils.

About Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO)
RMO only sells 100% pure and authentic essential oils. They guarantee this standard of quality with GC/MS test reports and a rigorous internal quality control process. All oils are sourced from farms around the globe that practice sustainable farming methods to ensure the quality and efficacy of the oil.

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