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Malachite Bracelet (7mm)

Malachite Bracelet (7mm)

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Malachite is a vivid green stone with strong transformational abilities. It increases personal power, self-confidence, and motivation. Highly protective and metaphysical, Malachite is used for deep energy cleaning and opening the third eye. This crystal bead bracelet features 7-8mm Malachite crystal beads.

Chakra: Heart, solar plexus, base, sacral
Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn
Beneficial For: Transformation, protection, ascension work, manifestation

About Bracelets
Crystals impart their wonderful qualities best through contact with skin. Bracelets are a perfect way to build a strong connection with your crystal ally and enjoy their beauty everywhere you go. Crystal beads hide a semi-stretchy, sturdy elastic cord. Bead size is indicated in the description of each bracelet and range from 4mm to 12mm.

Please Note
Nature never makes two things exactly the same. Each crystal has its own energy, appearance, and personality. Know that a purchased item may not be identical to the one pictured and that yours is unique.
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