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Kate's Magik

Sacred Perfume Roll-on

Sacred Perfume Roll-on

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Kate’s Magik Sacred Perfumes are deep, complex blends inspired by the deities of spiritual traditions from around the world. These concentrated, natural perfumes not only offer heavenly aromas, but are also powerful tools for healing and transformation, instilling the virtues of their namesakes. Ancient Egyptians associated perfumery with the gods and believed it to be an integral part of health and well-being that serves to connect us with the divine.
Kate's Magik Sacred Perfumes are blends of the highest quality 100% Pure Essential Oils in a base of organic unrefined Golden Jojoba Oil with Vitamin E (Non-GMO from Sunflowers). They contain no synthetic fragrances or colors, and are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free and contain no petrochemicals.
In contrast to synthetic fragrances, the aroma of pure ingredients unfolds more subtly, and is influenced by each individual’s body chemistry through the bond and evolution of the scent on the skin. Because of this elemental adaptability, these deity-inspired natural perfumes are not gender specific — unique aroma profiles are created by each wearer. Kate's Magik Sacred Perfumes are highly concentrated blends, which makes them our longest lasting products; with the perfume lingering on the skin for hours. Choose from five exotic perfume oil blends in convenient 5ml roller bottles.


These magical elixirs are packaged in violet glass with a convenient roll-on top that provides simple application to any pulse point or soft spot such as the neck, wrists, above the heart or behind the ears. Use these Sacred Perfumes with intention according to the power and purpose of each perfume. Get to know each perfume’s namesake and what each of these deities represent. Incorporate ritual, prayer, meditation or create an altar to aid in the setting of your specific intention and connection with each deity.  
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