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Sun Potion

Solar Rose Water

Solar Rose Water

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The rose flower is known as one of the highest vibrational organisms on earth, emitting a frequency of 320 MHz. Not surprisingly, rose essential oil has one of the highest frequencies of any oil. We offer the therapeutic, aromatic and high-vibrational qualities of the Vrindavan Rose to you in our Solar Rose Water – a purified water mist infused with essential oil used to support calm, serenity and hydration.

The clean aroma of our Solar Rose Water contains no harsh chemicals or hormone-disrupting substances found in other scented sprays. Instead, you’ll enjoy its fresh scent along with its hydrating and healing qualities. By adorning yourself with our Solar Rose Water, you’ll experience its aromatherapeutic benefits while nourishing your complexion.

In addition to its refreshing scent, Solar Rose Water may also help to balance skin moisture levels and combat skin redness (thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties). Our Solar Rose Water also contains antioxidants, which may help with age spots, wrinkles, vibrancy and overall skin health. Solar Rose Water also adds in necessary moisture, which can be especially beneficial for those with dry and itchy skin. In addition, our Solar Rose Water is meant to cleanse the aura and uplift the spirit.

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